We made AI Service Solution Provider


Why? Next K? NEXTK is platform solution company using
Artificial Intelligence Technology

복합 솔루션 고정형에서 이동 정찰 환경까지 정확도 높은 복합 솔루션 제공이 가능합니다.
Face Recognition
Face Detect Smilarity Condition Mask Age Gender Masking
Abnormal Behavior
Intrusuion People Count Re-ID Congestion Violence Accident HAR Robbery
Condition Analysis Interest Behavior Analysis Product Analysis Management Statistic Conversation Home Training
Moving video of Robot
Fire Safety Helmet Robot Car counting Congestion and accidents Illegal
Location and
Trajectory and directionality
SW에 최적화된 Hardware Platform 설치 환경 및 사용자 요구사항에 맞춰 커스터마이징이 가능한 하드웨어
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