Service Solution Provider


Worldwide, Global AI specialist!

In order to add value to the safety society and human life,
NEXTK will become a global AI professional company in the world


A.I. & Fusion technology global corporation


Win-Win Project

Technical partnership and Joint project
Win-Win project configuration through various collaborations
Cost-reduction by product commercialization
Pioneer a wide range of market through each company’s sales route

Cooperate Develop

Reliable product development through cooperation with
companies and research institutes in commercialization technology
Risk reduction for product development
Fast progress in product
Increased consumer’s technology credibility through joint development

Start-Up Company

Synergy Effect through linkage to Start-up
companies with elemental technology
Developing superior products through collaboration with start-up companies with technological capabilities
Support various government benefits for joint development

Verification through
patent and paper

Verification through patent and paper
Securing technological capability for planning products through papers and patents
Prevention of patent infringement dispute of existing similar product group
Utilizing certification references for products